The Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG), located in close proximity to Lake Geneva, has been home to international congresses, conferences, seminars and exhibitions for over 40 years.

Well equipped for multilingual conferencing, CICG has the interpreter booth infrastructure needed to host interpreter teams for six to eight languages.

For an international hybrid conference in July 2021, Interprefy supported two sessions in connecting on-site delegates with hybrid delegates in 6 languages - as well as connecting both on-site and remote interpreter teams.

Using Interprefy Connect Pro, on-site delegates used traditional audio receivers to listen to the speech in their preferred language. Meanwhile remote delegates joined the sessions on their computers via the Connect Pro web conferencing platform. And when taking the floor, remote delegates were visible on-site on a large screen in the conference hall.

During one of the sessions, interpretation was provided on-site through interpreters working from the interpreter booths. For the second session, interpretation was conducted fully remotely.

Connecting all audio and video feeds through the cloud-based RSI platform, Interprefy is the central place to bring delegates and interpreters, spread across multiple locations, together.

Watch our project team as they offer a sneak peek behind the scenes of the hybrid conference:


Connecting on-site and remotely connecting delegates as well as interpreters working from different locations, Interprefy is supporting hybrid events and conferences across the globe in connecting people in their own language.

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