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Interprefy Enables Students to Practice Interpretation Skills

By Patricia Magaz on February 3, 2022

The European Masters in Conference Interpreting (EMCI) Consortium, comprising a group of universities devoted to quality assurance in conference interpreting training, has selected Interprefy, a leader in cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) solutions, to organise part of their online classes during the academic year 2021-2022.

The Consortium’s 16 universities will use Interprefy’s Connect Pro Platform to familiarise their students with remote simultaneous interpreting, by combining their traditional conference interpreter training with online training.

As part of the cooperation agreement, Interprefy will provide both an online training program led by Interprefy’s Training Department focusing on the different roles on the platform and provide students with silent booth participation during public-access events powered by Interprefy. This enables students to practice their interpretation skills in real meetings and conferences.

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Interprefy and EM TTI Consortium partner to support students

By Patricia Magaz on October 7, 2021

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND: OCTOBER 4 2021 - Interprefy AG, the leading provider of managed interpreting technology and services, today announced a new partnership with the first higher-level education programme exclusively focused on Translation and Interpreting technology, the European Masters in Technology for Translation and Interpreting (EM TTI). Led by the University of Wolverhampton, with New Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgaria), University of Malaga (Malaga, Spain), and Ghent University (Belgium) as core partners, the EM TTI is a pioneering 2-year programme that covers computational aspects of language study, as well as machine translation, natural language processing, and interpreting technology.

By becoming an Associated Partner, Interprefy will provide placement opportunities for students, as well as contribute with expertise with input on the course and participate in the programme events and seminars.

Topics: Educational Institutions & Associations Interprefy Partners