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ZURICH, SWITZERLAND: OCTOBER 4 2021 - Interprefy AG, the leading provider of managed interpreting technology and services, today announced a new partnership with the first higher-level education programme exclusively focused on Translation and Interpreting technology, the European Masters in Technology for Translation and Interpreting (EM TTI). Led by the University of Wolverhampton, with New Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgaria), University of Malaga (Malaga, Spain), and Ghent University (Belgium) as core partners, the EM TTI is a pioneering 2-year programme that covers computational aspects of language study, as well as machine translation, natural language processing, and interpreting technology.

By becoming an Associated Partner, Interprefy will provide placement opportunities for students, as well as contribute with expertise with input on the course and participate in the programme events and seminars.

“We are delighted to welcome Interprefy as an Associated Partner on this programme. As the leading provider of managed remote simultaneous interpretation technology and services they will provide our students with a unique insight into the field and enhance their future employability.” Said Ruslan Mitkov, EM TTI director.

Bridging the gap between academia and industry is vital to ensure that students have real-life experience before entering industry and that future research is directed on the needs of the field“ Ruslan Mitkov, EM TTI director. 

“This partnership will acquaint students with one of the world’s leading RSI platforms,” said Dora Murgu, Interpreter Engagement Manager at Interprefy. “A first hands experience with the technology, processes, and developments behind our platform is crucial for the future professionals who will develop products and solutions that will shape the language industry of tomorrow”, she continued. 

The Associated Partnership is part of Interprefy’s broader commitment to bridge the gap between academia and the industry.

About Interprefy

Interprefy is the leading provider of managed remote simultaneous interpretation technology and services, designed to support businesses, governments, and international organizations worldwide in overcoming language barriers in professional meetings and events.

The Interprefy platform revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by replacing cumbersome hardware with cloud-based software so that professional conference interpreters can deliver their services without needing to be onsite, while event participants can connect on any device or meeting platform and speak their own language.

Since 2015, Interprefy has facilitated over 30,000 truly multilingual online, hybrid and on-site conferences and meetings, including some of the world's largest events. Because Interprefy partners with global language services providers, the best interpreting talent for any mix of languages and subject areas can be sourced, even at short notice.

About EM TTI

The European Master’s in Technology for Translation and Interpreting (EM TTI) addresses the need for a new generation of translators and interpreters through a programme of outstanding academic quality, in line with the Erasmus+ ethos of building a stronger workforce with the breadth of skills and perspectives needed to stimulate developments in the field. EM TTI will produce specialists in translation and interpreting who are up-to-date with the latest applications which support their daily work, as well as future developers of such applications.

Patricia Magaz

Written by Patricia Magaz

Learn about the latest developments at Interprefy by Patricia Magaz, Global Content Manager at Interprefy.