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SpotMe and Interprefy are pleased to announce a partnership, combining Interprefy’s leading Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) technology with the leading virtual event and digital experiences powered by the SpotMe platform. SpotMe customers can now receive instant interpretation services in any language to support digital events.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND: SEPTEMBER 28 2020 – SpotMe SA, and Interprefy AG, today announced a new partnership. This partnership enriches the experience for virtual audiences and helps SpotMe clients fulfill the promise of digital experiences with global reach. The partnership will allow SpotMe customers to offer instant interpretation services during live experiences in multiple languages without the cost or administration associated with traditional interpreting.

Interprefy revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by replacing proprietary hardware with a cloud-based solution so that interpreters can deliver their services remotely. Online event participants can simply listen to the language of their choice through their smartphones, laptops or desktops. As interpreters work remotely, the best conference-level interpreters can be selected in any area of specialization at short notice, independently of their location.

Events with simultaneous interpreting can now be run on SpotMe’s platform, through the integrated Interprefy Gateway Solution. Thanks to the partnership, SpotMe clients no longer need to search for a separate interpretation solution to their virtual or digital experience needs. The seamless integration makes Interprefy’s powerful solution directly available to the global audience through the SpotMe platform.

“Virtual and digital experiences really have the power to reach people across the globe,” said Josip Lisec, Head of Product at SpotMe. “Our clients have been asking for a solution, and we are pleased to be able to deliver a seamless and intuitive experience for audiences with our new partners at Interprefy”.
“Interprefy makes SpotMe events multilingual, so that attendees can listen to presenters in a language of their choice, helping to increase engagement and inclusivity for all.” said Richard Roocroft, Director of Global Sales at Interprefy. “We are delighted to partner with SpotMe, a leader in virtual event and digital experiences.” 

The new integration is immediately available to all SpotMe clients. For more information, speak to your SpotMe representative today or request a demo.

About SpotMe

The SpotMe team is dedicated to helping audiences feel connected to brands. That’s why companies like SAP, Pfizer, L’Oréal and KPMG use SpotMe’s virtual event platform and hybrid event apps to get more show-ups, higher participation, and fewer drop-offs. SpotMe has over 2M users every year (and that’s why they are the enterprise leader in event apps and virtual event platforms – check g2.com).

About Interprefy

Interprefy provides remote interpreting for events and meetings. Its platform revolutionises simultaneous interpreting by replacing cumbersome hardware with a cloud-based software so that interpreters can deliver their services without needing to be onsite, while event participants can simply listen to the language of their choice through their smartphones. Because event and meeting organizers don’t need to fly in interpreters, pay for hotels and organise for interpreting equipment to be installed, they can enjoy the stress-free and cost-effective premium service offered by Interprefy.

Scalability and flexibility are at the core of all Interprefy products. Interprefy is loved by world leading enterprises, international organisations and not-for-profits across the globe. Because Interprefy partners with leading language service providers the best interpreting talent for any mix of languages, including rare languages, can be sourced.

Markus Aregger

Written by Markus Aregger

Head of Marketing at Interprefy