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Real-time remote simultaneous interpretation for any event

Whether you’re hosting a large event, business meeting, press conference or seminar – Interprefy’s real-time simultaneous interpretation (RSI) and related services ensures your content can be delivered to diverse audiences anywhere, anytime. 

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What are the problems with traditional on-site interpretation?


On-site equipment can be costly – particularly when you need to translate content into multiple languages and provide your audience with headsets to listen.


Press conferences and meetings are often arranged at short notice – but interpretation equipment (booths, headsets, transmission systems) can take time to deploy.  

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When events are organised with little lead time, you rush to find professional interpreters for specific languages, organise flights and book accommodation.

What is remote simultaneous interpretation and how can it help?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is the process of remotely translating speech from one language to another in real-time. It’s typically done through a cloud-based platform, meaning no lag, no equipment and no barriers.

As technology has improved, it’s become both possible and practical for event managers to utilise RSI technology to deliver content to wider audiences and in different languages. 

Also, because our real-time interpretation services and technology can be rapidly deployed and allows for remote attendance, events can be scaled considerably, and event managers can reduce operational costs.


A presenter speaks in one language. His or her voice and image are streamed live to a remote interpreter, typically through a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

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An interpreter hears and sees the speaker on their device. Using a quality headset and microphone, they translate the speaker's language into another language, all in real-time.

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The interpreter's speech is transmitted to a cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platform (a good internet connection is essential), where it is then transmitted to the audience.  

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Attendees and delegates can connect to the RSI platform via a computer or mobile device and see and hear the speaker in their language of choice. Traditional IR headsets can also be added if needed

Remote Interpretation services for on-site events

Flexible, scalable, powerful

Rapidly deployable and scalable to requirements, RSI can be utilised for any kind of event or meeting. 

And it’s exactly what the Interprefy platform is capable of.

As a cloud-based gateway solution, our remote simultaneous interpretation technology can facilitate online meetings in any number of languages and for any number of attendees.

For further capabilities, Interprefy can be integrated with any online video conferencing software, providing the complete experience. 

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Why use Interprefy’s real-time interpretation services for your next event?

Reduced costs

With Interprefy, one of the leading RSI platforms, you can reduce the cost of interpreting an event by over 50% when compared to traditional methods, all without compromising on audio quality.

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Increased flexibility

Offer multiple languages to your audience anytime, anywhere – either via traditional receivers or attendees’ smart devices. Interprefy also improves access to rare language interpreters.

Minimal admin

Spend less time organising flights and accommodation for professional interpreters, and more time on booking the most qualified speakers and interpreters for your event.

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Hassle-free tech

Say goodbye to expensive on-site interpretation equipment. With remote simultaneous interpretation, participants can use their own devices and headsets to listen to the event in their chosen language.

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Environmentally friendly

Working remotely means interpreters don't have to travel long distances to provide their services, reducing the carbon footprint of multilingual meetings and events.

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Additional real estate

Space at events comes at a premium – but RSI takes away the need for on-site equipment and soundproof interpreter booths, giving you the real estate you need.

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More versatility

Interprefy enables events at difficult-to-reach locations (remote islands, resorts) to be served by world-class interpreters. Attendees can also participate remotely if they can’t be there in person.

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High-fidelity sound

Despite having no dedicated equipment, RSI is capable of delivering full bandwidth (20Hz - 20kHz) sound at extremely low latency, along with high-quality video and lip-sync.

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Frictionless experience

With audio delivered through the app, attendees don’t have to wait for a headset. Interprefy also provides premium technical support at events, enabling you to focus on delivering a great experience.

What people have to say about us

Loved by corporates, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international conglomerates, Interprefy is the go-to remote interpretation solution for events. 

We work hand-in-hand with professional conference organisers, language service providers and venues to ensure your requirements are met every step of the way. 

Now borders are no longer a barrier, you can source the very best interpreters for the job – those with the industry-specific expertise and experience you require.

Read our customer stories

We needed to deliver breakout and plenary sessions in English, French and German for our audience, but we just didn’t have to space to set up multiple interpreter booths. Interprefy enabled us to save much-needed event space by delivering interpretation remotely, and also helped us to cut our administrative costs.

Astrid Kueffer

Marketing Lead Public

Our event needed to be delivered in multiple languages but we wanted to avoid the logistical costs of setting up interpreter booths. We also expected changes to be made to the agenda at short notice – so we needed a flexible solution. Interprefy enabled us to translate content remotely – with ease and excellent sound – and deliver it to our audience through their smartphones. It really is a simple and effective solution.

Jasmine Lim

Account Manager

The service was easy to use and interpreters were able to understand and translate technical terms without issue.

Lani Kirby

Education & Events Manager

Interprefy helped deliver huge cost savings at mega-brand’s largest event – with over 9,000 attendees over three days. It provided us with a flexible, scalable and innovative remote simultaneous interpretation solution for 9 languages.

Roland Raffel

Project Manager

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Have you considered taking your events, meetings and conferences online?

What should you be looking for when selecting an online event provider? As events move further into the digital space, organisers have a responsibility to cater for the wider audience they could expect to see attending.

Through technological advancements, many online platforms have capabilities for remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI), allowing for more diverse audiences to participate.

To find out what else you should be considering when evaluating RSI providers, download our latest eBook.