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Conference interpretation services for any event

Interprefy’s simultaneous conference interpreting services work for any online, hybrid and on-site event – from small, intimate Zoom meetings to large-scale, multinational conferences.

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Simultaneous conference interpreting services that make events easy

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Remove logistical complexity

Host your events anywhere, anytime – offline or online. Our cloud-based platform is easy to use, requires no configuration and can be scaled to meet the requirements of any size event.

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Deliver content in more languages

With Interprefy providing you with a platform to deliver remote simultaneous interpretation, why not shift your focus to creating a stellar event experience for your audience.

Hassle-free event management

Have to host an event at short notice? Need a flexible and scalable event solution? No problem. Interprefy makes hosting impromptu and/or large-scale events simple and lends a helping hand along the process.

Use Cases: Multilingual online, hybrid & on-site events

Scalability and flexibility are at the core of all our solutions and conference interpreting services. So whether your event is online, in multiple locations or for thousands of delegates – we can deliver.

In addition to our remote simultaneous interpretation technology, that works with any web conferencing platform, we can also help you to source the best conference-level interpreters or train those you work with already to use the Interprefy platform.

No matter your requirement, our solutions can be tailored to suit your event and attendees and delegates can listen to content in their language of choice by simply downloading the dedicated app

Online Meetings

Interprefy WebMeet was built for hosting web meetings and video conferencing in multiple languages.

Any number of attendees in multiple locations can participate on Interprefy’s proprietary platform. Alternatively, Interprefy can integrate with video conferencing solutions such as Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, On24, Videxio, Zoom and many more.

In both cases, real-time language interpretation is streamed to partakers’ smartphones or computers, so everyone can listen in their language from anywhere.

Remote Interpreting for Online Meetings

Virtual Conferences & Events

Deliver a multi-language experience on Interprefy's ConnectPro platform, or add our Select solution to your preferred virtual events platform. We've partnered up with leading virtual events platforms to offer a stellar multi-language user experience.

Participants simply select and join the conversation in their preferred language, while unmatched language-talents interpret the speech in real-time.

Cloud Remote Interpreting

Hybrid Events

Interprefy supports multi-lingual hybrid event and meeting setups of all kinds - through a powerful combination of cloud-based technology, dedicated project & tech support and unmatched language talent.

Work with Interprefy to create a stunning live interpretation experience for event attendees at the venue as well as for those connecting remotely.

Interprefy your hybrid event
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On-site Conferences

Deliver on-site conferences in multiple languages – either via dedicated interpreters on location or remotely – and enable your audience to listen in their language of choice through their mobile phones or provided headsets. Our solution can be modified to suit your event (whether on-site or online), so you never need to worry about configuration and can focus on reducing overall costs and improving the attendee experience.

Remote Interpreting for onsite events

Board/Executive Committee Meetings

If board members do not share a common language or feel uncomfortable speaking a foreign language, the Interprefy platform is an excellent solution to facilitate communication and create trust. No booths take up precious space and no interpreters have to be present in the room, giving the meeting a more private and confidential character.

Remote Interpreting for board meetings


At seminars and workshops, important know-how is conveyed. The participants might have a certain understanding of the presenter’s language, but only interpreting into their mother tongue will assure a correct understanding of the matter discussed.

All the coach/presenter needs is a laptop and a USB microphone. No equipment needs to be installed, as participants hear the interpreter through their own smart-devices.

Remote Interpreting for Seminars and Workshops

Press Conferences

With Interprefy’s platform you can offer professional simultaneous interpreting at your press conference for as many languages as you want, without having to order booths or to book interpreters in advance — at just a few hours' notice. 

Journalists will use their smart devices to listen to the interpreters and to ask questions. If needed, all communication can be automatically recorded for later use. 

Remote Interpreting for Press Conferences

Panel Discussions

The Interprefy platform can handle as many languages as clients require — remote simultaneous interpreting with up to nine languages in parallel and 18 interpreters online have been tested.

The example to the right shows a panel discussion with five languages. As often happens in situations with many languages, a relay language, usually English, is used.

Remote Interpreting for Panels


The Interprefy Classroom is ideal for interactive presentations, workshops and lectures, either on-site, online or partially.

Host up to 100 speakers and assign one Chairperson who has complete overview of the meeting and control over who is speaking.

Remote Interpreting for classroom-style meetings

The advantages of remote simultaneous interpretation

So why not take your events to the next level with our platform and conference interpreting services? With Interprefy you no longer need to worry about the size of your venue, its location or the amount of equipment you need. 

Use our solution. Scale your events. Provide content in the languages your attendees want and start delivering better experiences!

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Industry Leading

Developed on the backbone of one of the largest telecommunications providers

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Incredible Quality

High-quality HD video of the speaker for the interpreters, at 720p resolution

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Crystal-clear audio

Full bandwidth (20 Hz – 20kHz) audio at 48kHz sample rate; this is among the highest on the market and provides crystal-clear sound for the interpreters

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Audio & video synchronisation

Lip sync: sound and image are fully synchronised

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Robust and reliable

Reliable connections with automatic line monitoring and auto-reconnect in the event of the Internet connection being interrupted


Seamless integration

Easy integration with existing cameras on site and simple switch between video channels

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Compatible with traditional audio equipment and software: Dante, Bosch, Sennheiser, etc.

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Any event, anywhere

Large-scale events: thousands of users at one or many locations can be connected simultaneously

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