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As we’re venturing into the new year, many companies are finalising the preparation of their sales kick-off meetings. These meetings are a fantastic opportunity for sales, marketing, product, and customer support teams to meet, celebrate, get motivated and strategise for the future, but they require a ton of work.

With a lot of thought, budget, and effort going into Sales Kick-off meetings, surely organisers want to make sure they reach their goal of getting all sales teams engaged and aligned on the strategy and targets of the new year.

The ultimate KPI to your SKO success: Engagement

There are many ways to measure your SKO success but there is one key metric that will inevitably impact all the others: engagement. If you want to make sure your international teams come out of your SKO meeting motivated and ready to increase sales, hosting a memorable SKO will not be enough.

Why is that? Imagine you’ve done all the hard work, you’ve put together an amazing event with inspiring speakers and great content, but you’ve run the event in a single language while many of your employees are not native speakers of that language. You would be risking your message not being fully understood, which may result in a team that has not been engaged, or, worse, properly informed.

As a Forbes Insights & Rosetta Stone study revealed, around 67% of surveyed executives highlighted how miscommunications lead to inefficiency. The study also highlighted:

  • For 46%, language barriers make collaboration more difficult;
  • 40% of respondents noted lower employee productivity due to language barriers. 

Creating language access for your international revenue teams

In reality, many non-native speakers might find it challenging to follow and understand long presentations in a language they are not proficient in. Fortunately, there are various options available that help solve this problem and one place where you can get them: Interprefy.


Live language solutions for international SKO meetings

Increase engagement with simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is when an interpreter translates in real-time, a speech from one language into another. If you are looking for a solution that allows your attendees to listen to your event in the language of their choice, and make sure the key message is conveyed, simultaneous interpretation is the answer.

Traditionally, simultaneous interpretation required the interpreter to work from the event venue, in interpretation booths. Nowadays, technology advancements like Inteprefy’s remote simultaneous interpretation software allow interpreters to work from anywhere in the world. This drastically reduces the cost of organising interpretation as you no longer need to fly in and accommodate interpreters or find a venue big enough to fit interpretation booths.

What’s best is that, with remote interpretation, you can get professional human interpretation in any meeting or event, at a venue, online and anywhere in between. You can read more about the benefits of remote interpretation in this article.

Increase accessibility and engagement with live translated captions

Another powerful option to make your content accessible to international audiences is live captions. They support language access, all while increasing engagement and improving attention and memory of what’s being said. This solution is ideal if you prefer your audience to follow your event with subtitles. Your attendees can access them on their mobile phones, desktop, tablets, and laptops or even follow them on a big screen at your event venue.

Interprefy can provide you with both automatic captions, as well as live, machine-translated captions. What differentiates Interprefy machine-translated captions from other options out there is that we combine the best AI engines in the market and linguistic support, ensuring you get top-quality language access in over 180 language pairs. We will prepare the AI engines with your event-specific glossary to capture names, brand terms, or abbreviations better. The Interprefy team continuously benchmarks leading AI engines in the market for different language combinations to ensure you get the best engine for each language pair, so you don’t have to search for the top engines yourself.

Increase productivity and engagement with AI speech translation

AI speech translation takes live AI subtitles to the next level and provides the audience with real-time audio rendition of the subtitles. The natural-sounding voices, its quick set-up, and its scalability make this solution the best option for SKO meetings that require a large number of languages or are arranged at short notice.

Additionally, we can help you set everything up for success and monitor everything throughout the meeting, so you can rest assured things will be well taken care of.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies around the world remove language barriers at their venues, online, and anywhere in between.

Schedule a call with us today to discuss your needs and start making your SKOs truly engaging.

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Patricia Magaz

Written by Patricia Magaz

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