The Union of European Football Associations is the administrative body for association football in Europe, although several member states are primarily or entirely located in Asia. 


UEFA provided remote simultaneous interpreting at its press conference in Cardiff, UK, for the Women’s Champions League finals, using the Interprefy platform.

It was exciting to experience how innovation can facilitate our work. Everything went smoothly. Journalists were able to listen to the translation simply by using the Interprefy App from their smartphones.

 - Andrin Cooper, Event Manager at UEFA


The Challenge

Simultaneous Interpreting on a large press conference

UEFA's event organizers wanted to host a press conference of five international footballers and approximately 50 journalists, speaking French or English. The dedicated room for the event had limited space for the conference. Furthermore, the organizers were reluctant to hire equipment and interpreters on a day-rate when the conference would only be 30 minutes in length and it was not clear just what portion of the journalists would require the solution.


The Approach

Remote interpreting training

Interprefy gave a technical training to UEFA's preferred interpreters, who would be working remotely. Only two laptops, two sound cards and a video camera were required, leading to considerable cost, administration and space savings.

Interprefy provided its simultaneous remote interpreting solution at the UEFA Women's Champions League press conference in Cardiff on the 31st of May. Owing to its success, on the 1st of June, following the victory of Lyon, Interprefy AG was once again providing the remote simultaneous interpretation for the post-match conference.


The Outcome

The press conferences took place in Cardiff City Stadium and the interpreter was working from another location with high-quality audio and video connection to the Cardiff stadium, enabling her to perform her job as if on site. The journalists at the press conference were able to ask questions and to listen to the answers of the Lyon and PSG teams in both languages French and English.


The sound quality was crystal clear, there were no interruptions and everything went smoothly. I recommend everyone to use the Interprefy's remote simultaneous interpreting solution, it allows you to offer a flexible and high-level service at a reasonable cost.

 - Andrin Cooper, Event Manager at UEFA

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