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Interprefy Connect: All-in-one multilingual web conferencing

With Interprefy Connect, we can provide you with a cloud-based all-in-one solution for web conferencing in multiple languages.

Connect participants from all around the world and enable them to meet in the language of their choice on Interprefy Connect. 

Interprefy Connect multilingual web conferencing

Connect in your own language

Hassle-free setup

No need for special equipment or setup. Meeting participants simply join the meeting on their browser or through our mobile app.

Language precision

We can help source interpreters with knowledge of your subject area and offer platform training for your in-house interpreters.

24/7 project support

Our team of project specialists supports you from planning your meeting to monitoring the platform throughout the metting.

Connect key features

Live interpretation

Secure inclusivity by allowing meeting participants to listen and speak in their preferred language.

Event and private chat

Meeting participants can send private messages to individual participants or to everyone in the meeting chat. 

24/7 technical support

A dedicated project team ensures a seamless meeting experience, providing extensive project and technical support.

Media recording

Video and audio recording available upon request.

Live Captions

Provide multilingual live captions as a visual aid for individuals with impaired hearing.

We're ISO 27001-certified.

Best-in-class security standards and protocols for encryption, transmission, user authentication and data management.