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Zurich, August 24, 2023 – Interprefy was ranked as a global interpreting leader by research firm Nimdzi Insights. The companies listed in the report are ranked by revenue and cover sectors, including healthcare, business, government, legal, life sciences, financial, education, and others.

Nimdzi Insights is a market research and consulting company that advises on international trade & development, language services, language technology, localization programs, and strategic investing in globalization processes. Nimdzi guides companies through investment, mergers, and acquisitions. Nimdzi consultants are committed to providing opportunities for continuous professional development and resources for business professionals worldwide.

The ranking and the report are the results of hundreds of hours of analysis and present information that has been previously unavailable about a significant niche of the language services industry. 


Markus Aregger

Written by Markus Aregger

Head of Marketing at Interprefy