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3 August 2023, Zurich: Multilingual meeting technology and services provider Interprefy is today unveiling its latest breakthrough to its ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) real-time translation solution.

Interprefy’s AI solution has improved its translation quality and can now support two-way translation and translate multiple spoken languages during live events and meetings - a pioneering move for AI live speech translation solutions.

Since its launch in April, Interprefy's AI-powered speech translation solution has quickly gained adoption and received recognition at the recent AI for Good Global Summit.

With this revolutionary advancement, Interprefy’s AI answers customers’ demands and becomes the first and only solution capable of supporting multiple spoken floor languages and bi-directional speech translation during live events and conferences.

Traditionally, AI speech translation systems have been limited to translating from just one spoken language - referred to as a ‘floor language’ - into many other target languages. Until this launch, AI wasn't suitable for multilingual conferences, training, and panels with diverse speakers. But now, thanks to Interprefy’s AI groundbreaking upgrade, that has changed.

Commenting on this new upgrade, Oddmund Braaten, CEO at Interprefy said, "As global communication continues to expand, so should the capabilities of live translation technology. Now we are introducing the world's first AI translation solution that can support multiple spoken floor languages and two-way interpretation in live events. This game-changing upgrade reaffirms our dedication to breaking language barriers and fostering meaningful connections in a multilingual world."

Key Features of Interprefy AI Upgrade:

  • Multilingual Floor Language Translation: Unlike previous AI systems that restricted floor languages to one, Interprefy AI allows event organisers to deliver AI speech translation when the event is in more than one language.
  • Two-way Interpretation Capability: The ability of Interprefy AI solution to recognise what language is being spoken makes it now suitable for meetings. This means that people can now both speak and listen in their preferred language using AI.
  • Improved Translation Quality: Inteprefy’s ability to combine and benchmark different technologies and engines, and to tailor algorithms has improved its AI output quality. This means that users can be sure they are always accessing the best technology and translation quality for their chosen language combinations.
  • Seamless Integration: Interprefy AI seamlessly integrates into any third-party meeting platform but also works in in-person and hybrid setups. The Interprefy mobile app intuitive user interface ensures smooth navigation and easy access to a wide range of supported languages in any multilingual scenario. 

For event organisers, businesses, and institutions seeking to deliver inclusive and seamless multilingual experiences, Interprefy’s AI solution's latest upgrade sets a new standard in the field of AI-driven speech translation.

Released in April 2023, Interprefy's AI solution can translate live speech from 45 languages and regional dialects into AI-generated audio and captions in 74 languages. This includes all official UN languages, almost all official EU languages and the most spoken Asian languages. 

About Interprefy

Interprefy supports global businesses, institutions, NGOs, and even SMEs in reaching global audiences and facilitating truly multilingual conversations. The powerful combination of cloud-based and AI technology, linguistic talent, and world-class support makes it easy to add real-time interpretation from vetted professional interpreters and AI-powered live translation to any meeting, conference, or event.

Since 2015, Interprefy's remote-first global team has supported over 50,000 meetings and events all over the world - for a large range of clients, including the White House, UEFA, Google, and GlaxoSmithKline.


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Markus Aregger

Written by Markus Aregger

Head of Marketing at Interprefy