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    With the shift from physical to online conferencing, technology has become a strong enabler in bridging language gaps between organizations and individuals. That's why we continue to reinforce strict guidelines for the hardware used to deliver remote simultaneous interpretation on the Interprefy platform. Three key elements are essential in order for all events participants - from speakers to interpreters - to speak, hear and be heard clearly and without any interruption.

    Before each event, we will perform a three-point check with interpreters to ensure all key requirements are met for a successful interpretation job. Read these tips on how to troubleshoot on the interpreter's soft console.

    Key components and minimum requirements

    Performance-ready computer

    You do not need a gaming-level power machine in order to deliver RSI, but a desktop or laptop computer that can reliably endure processing multiple video and audio streams for hours.

     Minimum requirements

    • Memory: 4 GB RAM or higher
    • CPU score: 3,500 or higher
    • Operating system: Windows 8 or higher / macOS High Sierra or higher
    • Browser: Google Chrome, latest updated version

    How to measure CPU score

    How to double-check your computer settings

    We recommend to perform the following steps well in advance to a session.

    1. Update your internet browser, if a newer version is available.
    2. Adjust your computer sound settings to match the incoming audio input and output with your headset or microphone and headphones.
    3. Adjust your power settings: Prevent your computer from initiating sleep or hibernation mode during the event.
    4. Make sure your operating system is updated and update to latest version, if available.

    Fast ethernet cable internet connection

    Wi-Fi is prone to interferences and does not provide a reliable basis for uninterrupted video and audio streaming. Weather conditions, other users in the network and more factors can slow your connection down. That's why we strongly encourage connecting your computer via ethernet cable to the internet. For interpreters working on the Interprefy platform, this is an absolute must, as it will provide you with a worry-free steady and reliable internet connection.

    Minimum requirements

    • Connection type: Ethernet cable internet connection (Wi-Fi not approved)
    • Minimum speed: 2 Mbps upload- & download speed
    • Recommended speed: 10 Mbps download, 4 Mbps upload or higher
    • Ping value: below 50
    • Jitter value: below 15

    Click here to measure your connection speed

    Professional audio hardware

    Make sure to use a professional-level noise-cancelling USB headset or professional desktop microphone along with over-ear headphones.

    No wireless devices approved

    Wireless headsets don't always offer consistently clear sound quality due to distance, interferences and other factors. Additionally, wireless devices pose an unwanted risk of empty battery during the event. While devices with audio 3.5 mm jack can be approved, when being used in combination with a desktop microphone, devices with USB connections are highly recommended, as they offer an enduring connection and have their own sound cards embedded - thus providing a reliable plug & play solution. 

    RSI-approved audio equipment

    We have tested over 200 headsets in the RSI environments and recommend the following devices:

    Approved desktop microphones

    • Blue Yeti
    • Blue Yeti Nano

    Approved headsets

    • Sennheiser SC660 USB
    • Sennheiser SC260 USB
    • Sennheiser SC 70 USB CTRL
    • Sennheiser SC 75 CTRL
    • and more 

    Other noise-cancelling USB headsets can be approved by your Interprefy trainer, if they meet the standard requirements and show excellent sound quality during trainings and events.

    Becoming a trained and approved interpreter

    In order to work on your first event you must be trained and approved by an official Interprefy trainer. Please be aware that Interprefy platform does not recruit interpreters but it partners with different Language Service Providers (LSPs) to assign interpreters to an event. There are no limitations on which LSP can contact us.

    Sonja Mihajlov

    Written by Sonja Mihajlov

    Sonja is the Head of Training at Interprefy, ensuring conference interpreters learn the ins and outs of our platform.