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Premium, multilingual conference interpretation services for on-site events online events

The Interprefy RSI platform provides all the necessary tools to make your events multilingual: from remote simultaneous interpretation and encrypted real-time streaming, to live captioning and recordings in multiple languages.

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Real-time interpreting services that make events easy

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Remove logistical complexity

Host your events anywhere, anytime – offline or online. Our cloud-based platform is easy to use, requires no configuration and can be scaled to meet the requirements of any size event.

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Deliver content in more languages

With Interprefy providing you with a platform to deliver remote simultaneous interpretation, facilitate a truly multilingual dialogue, in which every participant can share their ideas in a language they're proficient in.

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Hassle-free event management

Have to host an event at short notice? Need a flexible and scalable event solution? No problem. Interprefy makes hosting impromptu and/or large-scale events simple and lends a helping hand along the process.

Pick the conference interpretation service to suit your event

Whether you have a virtual conference, on-site event, online meeting, or a combination of them, our remote interpreting software – Interprefy – can support you. 

Featuring encrypted and highly reliable streaming, 24/7 global support for set-up and event monitoring, conference-level interpreters via our partner network, and audio and video recording and transcribing – we have everything you need. 

Virtual Events & Online Meetings

Host your meetings and events online and facilitate meaningful conversations by allowing everyone to join in a language they're proficient in. Interprefy provides both stand-alone multilingual web conferencing software, as well as tapping into your selected virtual event or meeting platform.

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Hybrid & Multi-Hub Events

Connect multiple event locations, deliver content in multiple languages, and connect remote participants, wherever, whenever. On-site participants access live interpreting on the Interprefy mobile app, while your virtual attendees can benefit from Interprefy's integration into leading virtual event platforms.

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On-site events

Interprefy can add real-time interpreting to your on-site event, and in any language. Using our platform, interpreters can work from any location in the world, saving you not only booth space, but also transportation and accommodation costs. The audience can listen to interpreting on their smartphones, or traditional receivers. Our interpreter interface makes relay interpreting a breeze! With Interprefy, it is possible to select the best possible interpreters for your event.

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Project Management & Support

Whether it’s event planning, monitoring, or technical support, our Professional Services team has you covered. Our project managers take care of all the preparation and set up, including specialised interpreter training. When the event is running, remote support monitors every user and every connection, providing immediate troubleshooting if necessary. We make remote interpreting easy.

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To provide additional value, we work with highly qualified conference interpreters that have the specific expertise required for your event – no matter what language combination you need. If clients have their own in-house interpreters or a team they have worked with previously who are privy to company-specific jargon, Interprefy will train them.

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Media Services

Our media services include live captioning during your event (and for multiple languages); audio and video streams can be recorded on request. If needed, we can even provide you transcriptions of the audio, making your recordings searchable.

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Live Captions

Ensure an inclusive and engaging multilingual conferencing experience with Interprefy Captions in 30+ languages - translated by vetted and subject-savvy conference interpreters, transcribed through Artificial Intelligence.

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The premium simultaneous conference interpretation platform for any event

Our platform works for virtual events, on-site events, or a combination of both. Work with your own interpreters or let us find them for the languages you need. We offer full flexibility for your event.
How can RSI benefit your business?
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Why should you choose Interprefy’s online interpreting services?

Increased flexibility

Interprefy is a truly flexible solution, whether you want to host your event on-site using the platform or take it online, our interpreting software can meet your requirements. 

It requires no equipment, can support an unlimited number of participants and can be deployed in minutes, not hours.

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Crystal-clear audio

Full bandwidth (20 Hz – 20kHz) audio at 48kHz sample rate; this is among the highest on the market and provides crystal-clear sound for the interpreters and event participants alike.

24/7 Global support

We offer on-site and off-site technical support, before, during and after events – we’ll even help set things up. This gives you peace of mind that your event will run seamlessly and to the standard you expect. To prevent any issues, our professional services team will monitor your event for its entire duration.

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Worldwide coverage

We use distributed infrastructure on redundant servers to ensure worldwide coverage and 99.5% uptime. No matter where you are, our cloud-based technology will function provided you have a connection to the internet.

Add simultaneous interpretation to your online events on Zoom, Webex, ON24 & More

Add simultaneous interpretation to your Zoom, Webex, ON24, Microsoft Teams or BlueJeans online event. Through the Interprefy Select solution, we deliver leading remote interpretation services to your events on any preferred web conferencing platform. Making your event truly multilingual, easy to setup and engaging.
How do you use Zoom & more with Interprefy?
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Guide to choosing an online events platform

Have recent trends and disruption caused you to consider taking your physical events, conferences or meetings online? Online event platforms and remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) are flexible, hassle-free and affordable solutions. Our latest eBook outlines what factors you should consider when evaluating RSI service providers.

You can download the eBook for free by clicking the button below.

Tools built to manage, deliver and listen to real-time interpreting

Interprefy's RSI platform provides specialized interfaces for each group involved in your meeting or event, from chairperson to delegates, and from interpreters to technical support.
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What our clients say about us

Loved by corporates, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international conglomerates, Interprefy is the go-to remote interpretation solution for events. 

We work hand-in-hand with professional conference organisers, language service providers and venues to ensure your requirements are met every step of the way.

Read our customer stories

Despite many working from home in light of COVID-19, the Interprefy platform made it incredibly easy for us to host an online event for more than 250 people in 6 languages. The senior leaders we invited to speak were able to do so from the comfort of their homes – using their own WiFi and equipment, no technical support required – and the Interprefy team were on hand at all times to help.

Chris Daunt

IT Manager

The service was easy to use and interpreters were able to understand and translate technical terms without issue.

Lani Kirby

Education & Events Manager

Interprefy is a fantastic solution and works well for meetings.

Valentini Amarantidou

Director of Development

The time difference between the speech and the translation itself is minimal – and the quality is amazing.

Sophie Ruiz

Events Manager, Secretary General's Office

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