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    Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platform for conferences online meetings governmental sessions webinars

    Interprefy is a leading cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) platform that brings remote conference interpreters into your meetings and events anywhere.

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    What is a Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) platform?

    Through Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) platforms, interpreters can work from anywhere in the world to provide simultaneous interpretation for your meetings and events. Interprefy's cloud-based RSI platform provides an array of software tools to manage, access, and monitor multilingual events and deliver simultaneous interpretation to your attendees anywhere.
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    What's inside the Interprefy RSI platform?

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    Worldwide coverage

    We use distributed infrastructure on redundant servers to ensure worldwide coverage, minimized latency and 99.5% uptime.

    Unmatched scalability
    Unmatched scalability

    From online business meetings to large-scale hybrid conferences, our solutions can be scaled to meet your unique requirements and integrate with existing tech stacks.

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    ISO-certified security

    Interprefy provides enterprise-grade, ISO 27001-certified security management and features from 2FA and allow-listing to 256-bit streaming-encryption.

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    for remote support and AV technicians

    Remote Support Console

    At the heart of Interprefy's RSI platform, a remote support console provides technicians with a full overview of all video and audio channels to monitor interpretation, and chat with interpreters, hosts, and participants.

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    For interpreters

    Interpretation Soft Console

    Designed to provide all the features that interpreters would find in a hardware console and more, Interprefy provides an intuitive interpretation soft console. Interpreters can chat with booth partners, and support technicians, set up relay languages, perform handovers, and more.

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    event management

    Event Management Console

    In the Interprefy Event Management Interface EMI, event organisers can set up and configure their interprefied sessions, choose the required functionalities and keep track of the usage of each interpretation language.

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    For meeting hosts

    Meeting Host Interface

    One or multiple meeting hosts/chairperson can join the Interprefy meeting, keep an overview over who is joining, manage speaking rights, take votes, chat with support technicians and end the meeting.




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    For meeting participants

    Meeting Room Interfaces

    In Connect meeting rooms and Connect Pro classrooms, delegates can take the floor, participate in polls, listen to interpretation, activate live captions, participate in individual, group, or support chats, and more. Users can customize their meeting room view. The room features available for each user group can be customized by the event organiser.

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    For meeting participants and event attendees

    Interprefy Mobile App

    Delegates and attendees can join the meeting and listen to live interpretation from their smartphone through the Interprefy app. The app can also be utilized for in-person events to access interpreting audio on-site, or alongside any online video conferencing session.

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    For webinar / virtual event attendees

    Interpretation Language Selector Widget

    Interprefy partners and integrates with the leading video conferencing and online event platforms to provide event attendees with a simple language selector directly in the chosen platform.

    Connecting the world in their own language.

    Interprefy works for events and meetings of all shapes and sizes.

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    How do you choose the right RSI platform provider?

    More and more businesses are taking events, conferences and meetings online – utilising online event platforms and RSI to deliver them anywhere, anytime and in any language.

    But what should you be looking for when it comes to a provider of these technologies? We’ve put together an eBook that just might help you narrow your choices down. Check it out for free using the button below.