DLC Events is the largest conference system provider in the Middle East, offering technical event solutions for the local and international markets.  They have been an official Interprefy AV partner since June 2020. Thanks to their vast experience spanning almost 30 years, DLC Events were chosen to provide all interpretation and discussion systems for The World Government Summit that took place in March 2022 in Dubai. 

The World Government Summit brought thought leaders, global experts and decision-makers from around the globe to share and contribute to the development of tools, policies, and models that are essential in shaping future governments. 


Coinciding with the closing of Expo 2020 Dubai, Interprefy AV partner DLC Events was contracted to provide solutions to all interpretation requirements for this mega conference, the largest event of its kind. Simultaneous interpretation was delivered on-site in 8 rooms: One main plenary, the DP World Arena, with 10 languages, three main session halls, each with 5 languages, and four other meeting spaces, each with 3 languages.

Interprefy World Government Summit 2


The Challenge

Reducing logistics while remaining versatile

Aside from being tasked with ensuring interpretation was delivered to 8 rooms, DLC Events were additionally given three problems to solve for the event:

  • Live webinar stream: Interpretation had to be available from all rooms in a live webinar stream throughout the event, one stream per room.
  • Anytime and anywhere: Interpretation from the DP World Arena had to be available to be heard in any of the other session halls, at any time, should they be used for overflow seating when the plenary arena seating was full.
  • Distance between rooms: Interpretation for all rooms needed to be available in the official media centre for the event, located on the other side of the exhibition centre concourse from the main event.


The Approach

Interprefy's RSI technology in the Cloud and a trusted remote support team

Instead of running kilometres of cable, using an abundance of laptops for the connections and requiring a large army of technicians, DLC Events chose to use Interprefy's remote simultaneous interpretation platform in the Cloud.

DLC Events is pleased to be supported by Interprefy for events in the Gulf region. Interprefy offers a secure and reliable solution for those occasions when traditional interpretation systems are not suitable.– Lorraine Ludman, Managing Director at DLC Events

That way, all languages were streamed to the Interprefy platform using a local Dante audio network in each room and a separate token in every event space.

Facing the challenges and demands of hosting an international hybrid event usually means we have to choose between quality or quantity but the Interprefy solution integrated easily into the existing technical framework.Miki Morana, Event technical director at Field, Morana and Associates. 

The Outcome

Over 4000 in-person and online attendees were able to seamlessly follow the event, in the language of their choice, while DLC leveraged Interprefy's remote simultaneous interpretation solution in the Cloud to solve the challenges the event presented:

  • Live webinar stream: A continuous webinar was hosted for each room, taking the video and audio from the host broadcasters and using Interprefy’s seamless integration technology, added interpretation to the webinar allowing remote viewers to listen to the same interpretation that those in the room heard.  Interprefy’s remote support team were on hand to continuously monitor all feeds and liaise with DLC Event’s on-site technicians as required. 
  • Anytime and anywhere: With the interpretation of any room available from the Interprefy Cloud, it was convenient for the on-site technicians to change the configuration in any room from transmitting interpretation to receiving it. With the simple change of token to the plenary platform, DLC Events were able to provide interpretation from the Plenary sessions in the receivers and headphones of any other room.  The switch from session configuration to overflow configuration took less than a minute and easily catered for the fast decisions made by the end client. 
  • Distance between rooms: The media centre hosted a large number of local and international journalists, providing them with a large screen to watch the event, laptops and internet to use throughout, and interpretation receivers to listen in the language of their choice.  DLC Events set up one laptop connected to an infrared transmitter to send the interpretation from the event to the headsets being used by these journalists. The room shown on the large screen in the media centre varied according to where the most interesting sessions were taking place.  DLC coordinated with the host broadcasters’ instructions when the feed to the media centre changed from one room to another, and in turn, changed the token of the laptop feeding the interpretation transmitter. 

We could not have achieved as flawless an event without the Interprefy technology that DLC Events delivered.

"DLC Events and their remote support team behind the scenes worked endlessly to provide an uninterrupted experience. Highly recommended." says Miki Morana, Event technical director at Field, Morana and Associates