ISUOG is the leading international society of professionals in ultrasound for obstetrics and gynaecology. ISUOG's World Congress is the main annual scientific meeting for clinicians based anywhere in the world.


The Challenge

Interprefy had met with event planners at ISOUG at an industry trade show. For its upcoming congress, the customer was struggling to identify interpreters regionally who would be suitable for this event. There was a very busy agenda with many sessions taking place across three days. To simplify things, the ISOUG opted to provide interpreting only for the main plenary sessions.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Case Study - ISUOG's world congress


The Approach

Interprefy sourced specialist interpreters though its language service provider partner, Interprenet. Because Interprenet could look globally, rather than regionally as a traditional provider would, it was able to rapidly identify qualified interpreters with the right language skills.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Case Study - ISUOG's world congress


The Outcome

Because the interpreting was a success, Interprefy was commissioned to provide its services for a speaking session from GE Healthcare the following day. There were two parallel sessions, both of which Interprefy provided simultaneous interpreting for. The interpreters were not based in Asia. Had the customer used a traditional interpreting solution, the costs incurred for travel and accommodation would have been significantly higher than Interprefy, or else the customer would have been forced to compromise on quality by being limited to local interpreters.