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AI-translated live captions for meetings that matter

Reach global event audiences and facilitate understanding in your meetings. Create instant language access with accurate machine-translated live captions in your viewers' languages. So everyone can understand and be understood.

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Easily translate your meetings using world-class AI services

At webinars, town halls, or at your event venue: A powerful combination of leading-edge speech-to-text technology, and best-in-class machine translation engines provides your event audience with automatically translated, multi-language subtitles.
multi-language live captioning

Unlock the full potential of AI-driven live translation

100+ language combinations

We support the automatic translation of over 100 language combinations to help you overcome language barriers across the globe.

Supported languages

Best-in-class translation engines

Not every translation engine provides equal results. Our AI team continuously benchmarks the leading engines available on the market to ensure we use the best-performing engines for your language combinations.

Engine customization

Make sure even hard-to-catch but crucial words like your speaker names, brand names, technical terms, and abbreviations are not missed by AI. We customize the ASR engine to get your unique event terminology right.

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Good automatic captions

Worry-free experience

Project management, live monitoring, and remote support expertise to guarantee a smooth, hassle-free event experience for all users.

live captioning support

Deliver captions anywhere

Whether your audience is joining online or on-site, we provide a range of streaming options, to make translated captions available anywhere.

Captions streaming options

  • 70+ integrations with meeting platforms
  • Alongside the video stream via Interprefy app web- or mobile app
  • Captions live stream on your stage
  • Import via captions feed URL

Enjoy flexible end-to-end language access

From set-up to monitoring and reporting, we help you create a more engaging, memorable, inclusive and accessible event experience for everyone. 


Stand-alone or combined

Use machine-translated captions to cover all your audience's language needs or combine them with remote simultaneous interpretation. 


Greater reach

Get your automatic machine-translated captions in an SRT file to share your event video recordings subtitled in different languages on demand.


Highest compatibility

We can stream AI translated captions anywhere: event stage, online meeting platform, mobile app and even the metaverse. 


Managed services

To guarantee a trouble-free event experience, enjoy the benefits of full manage service, including project management, live monitoring, and tech support.


Engine customisation

Increase accuracy with our AI customisation feature that programs the engine to recognise specific names, acronyms, or industry-specific terminology.


AI evaluation

Not all AI engines produce the same results. Because our AI experts benchmark the market's available engines, you can be confident that you are using only the best one for your language combination on the market.

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Want to learn more?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you add automatic captions and translated subtitles to your upcoming meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do machine-translated captions work?

Interprefy's machine-translated captions are a powerful way to display what's being said as text in a different language.

The generation of translated captions (often also referred to as subtitles) happens automatically through artificial intelligence technology and in real-time.

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How accurate are Interprefy's translated captions?

Not every translation engine produces equal results, and no engine produces equal results across different language combinations. 

For every language combination we offer, we strive to utilize the best machine translation engine available on the market. Our AI team works closely with our linguistic partners to perform rigorous benchmarking tests and ensure we use the best-performing engine for every language combination.

What language combinations are available?

We currently offer over 100 language combinations to produce automatically translated captions (or subtitles). And the list keeps growing.

Click here for the latest list of supported languages.

How do machine-translated captions compare to language interpretation?

This comes down to the key differences between machine translation and human interpretation.

Conference interpreters will always strive to convey the message of the speaker, and may paraphrase, while machine translation aims for completeness of translation of the sentences spoken.