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Interprefy Aivia

Your next-generation AI event translator

Connect with event audiences worldwide through AI-translated speech and captioning.

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The power of Interprefy Aivia

Translate live speech automatically
Stream natural-sounding AI voices
Stream multilingual live captions

Reach global audiences anywhere

At your venue

Put a screen on stage, use a QR code to provide language access from mobiles, or use IR transmitters.


Use our meeting platform, app, or enjoy Interprefy in the platform of your choice — with Zoom, Teams, and more.

Interprefy Remote Support Technician
Human + Tech = Quality

Enjoy a stress-free experience

Get the ease of mind of utilising the best AI technology available, while doing it all stress-free with our dedicated professional service teams.icon - heart - Interprefy

  • Cost-effective real-time translation
  • Available at short notice
  • Suitable for any event setup
  • Global 24/7 services
AI Benchmarking

Use the best AI technology on the market

We benchmark top AI engines for each language combination to ensure optimal performance, sparing you the need to research or settle for an out-of-the-box solution.
Engine Optimisation

Get unique terminology right

Don't let unique, or hard-to-catch terminology like speaker titles, brand names, or technical lingo fall through the cracks. Our custom glossary fine-tunes the engines to ensure your event is optimised for even the most complex vocabulary.

Choose from a range of voices and accents

Pick the voice that best fits your target audience. Interprefy Aivia is natural-sounding, features male and female voices, and even accommodates various accents.
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Meet Interprefy Aivia

Discover the power of Interprefy Aivia in this on-demand webinar, with an exclusive presentation on our platform and a Q&A session with our Chief Product Officer. 
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At webinars, town halls, training, or conferences

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Reach larger audiences

Only 17% of people understand English. Utilise cutting-edge AI technology to provide global audiences with real-time audio translation and live captions.

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Make your event accessible & inclusive

1.5 billion people worldwide report difficulties hearing. Include captions at your events to ensure everyone can follow along and engage. 

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Reduce carbon emissions

AI translation with Interprefy Aivia removes the need for travel, accommodation and logistics of moving equipment, saving you time, money and the planet.

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Extend impact beyond live

Maximise the impact of your events. We can provide multilingual video recordings that include both audio and captions so your content can continue to work for you even after the event has ended.

What people say about Interprefy Aivia

Discover the experiences of delighted users who have witnessed the transformative power of Interprefy Aivia live.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Interprefy Aivia below
What languages can Interprefy Aivia provide translated speech in?

Interprefy Aivia can currently translate from 45 languages into 73 languages, and the list keeps growing:

  • From: all UN, most EU and the most common Asian languages
  • To: all UN, all EU and the most common Asian languages
You can see the full list here.
Which languages does Interprefy Aivia support captions on?

Interprefy Aivia can provide automatic, translated captions in over 3000 language combinations. Check the full list of to and from languages here

Where can I use Interprefy Aivia?

Interprefy Aivia is a powerful solution for one-to-many communication scenarios, such as webinars, town halls, training sessions, conferences, product presentations, or live broadcasting.

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Ready to simplify event translation?

Bring the magic of Aivia to your upcoming event. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way.