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Host remote, multilingual international events without borders

Interprefy is the world's leading, remote simultaneous interpretation and participation platform. As a cloud-based solution, it enables events, meetings and conferences of any size to be hosted anytime, anywhere.

Our extensive list of satisfied customers appreciate the Swiss quality of the platform, our excellent professional services and benefit from our patented technology.

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Organising multilingual on-site and online events can be
expensive and complicated

When it comes to organising an on-site or online event, particularly when multiple languages are involved, there’s no shortage of challenges; interpreters need to be found and booked well in advance, transport and accommodation needs to be provided for on-site interpreters, equipment needs to be hired or purchased, and booths need to be set up.

Not only is this approach costly and time-consuming, it’s also difficult to scale quickly as there’s no flexibility in the infrastructure.

But what if we could change that? What if simultaneous interpretation was affordable and simple to use?

Make hosting multilingual on-site and online events easy and
cost-effective with RSI

Our patented remote simultaneous interpretation platform is cost-effective, rapidly deployable, best-in-class and instantaneous (virtually no latency whatsoever). This, combined with our worldwide professional services team for support – removing hours of admin and logistics – will enable you to focus on making your multilingual events special. 

With Interprefy, conference delegates can attend events digitally – no need to leave the office – and interpreters can work remotely from home or language hubs, eliminating the cost of travel and accommodation.

Focus on making your event successful. Interprefy will make it truly multilingual.

High quality and truly innovative

Accessible from anywhere in the world via a network of cloud-based servers across the globe, Interprefy enables you to host on-site or online events – of any size – and deliver them to a wider audience. Our patented remote simultaneous interpretation technology allows interpreters to work remotely, reducing interpreting costs and enabling you to find the best possible interpreters.

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Flexible and rapidly deployable

Utilising cloud technology, Interprefy can be scaled up or down to requirements. Our high-availability infrastructure is housed on a network of multiple, worldwide redundant servers, providing high scalability, coverage and reliability for connections from anywhere in the world. Interprefy can also be rapidly deployed as a remote or on-site/hybrid solution, providing the ideal solution for your needs. 

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Compatible with all meeting platforms

Flexibly add Interprefy to other meeting and conferencing platforms to benefit from real-time, multilingual remote simultaneous interpretation for any number of users. Interprefy can be added to all popular online conferencing tools, including Skype, WebEx, Zoom and BlueJeans, for example.


Advanced security

Interprefy’s extensive distributed network capability ensures reliability, minimal latency and high-quality audio and video.

We utilise the industry’s most advanced security standards – including two-factor authentication (2FA), enterprise-grade encryption for audio and video streams, and separate online sessions.

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Technology that makes your event more human

With Interprefy providing a platform for your speakers, interpreters and delegates, you can host your events anywhere, anytime, and access global audiences.

By leveraging Interprefy’s RSI platform, you can provide more languages to delegates, increase audience engagement and ensure content can be delivered to a more diverse audience. With our technology supporting your events, both on-site and online, you can focus on improving the overall experience and sourcing conference-level interpreters for your event.


Easy to use

Interprefy is built with the user in mind. The application is easy to use and install, and provides a seamless experience for event attendees and interpreters.


Better experiences

Make your event one to remember by enabling delegates to connect to it remotely and listen to content in their language of choice. What better way to improve engagement?


Stunning quality

Deliver both audio and video content on-site or online in incredible quality and without any dedicated equipment, enabling you to reduce the cost of event infrastructure significantly.



Slash your costs without compromising on quality. Save hours of administration and eliminate the need to hire equipment or fly interpreters around the world.

Become an expert in event organisation in the digital age.