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Add real-time interpreting to any online & hybrid meeting and event. Select your platform language


Make your Zoom, Webex, & more events truly multilingual. With Interprefy Select, we deliver real-time interpreting from professional conference interpreters to your meetings and events - in any language, in any event and with any platform.

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language interpreting with ON24
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Interprefy Select - Combine real-time interpreting with your preferred meeting, event or streaming platform.

While most remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) platforms today offer a standalone web conferencing platform with remote interpreting at its core, Interprefy goes one step further by combining Interprefy's leading RSI technology with your selected platform.

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Any platform, any event, any language

Interprefy Select Desktop App

With the new and game changing desktop app, we offer the flexibility of adding real-time interpreting to your meetings and events held on any platform you select.

  • Works alongside any virtual event, streaming, or web conferencing platform
  • Users access the event and interpreting on the same device
  • Simple installation for Windows and iOS users
  • App automatically switches computer audio, when the interpreter is speaking in the selected language
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Select your language within the event platform

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We're partnering with leading providers of virtual event and web conferencing solutions to offer a truly multilingual experience directly embedded within your selected platform.

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Platform integration partners
language interpreting with SpotMe
language interpreting with ON24
language interpreting with Intrado
language interpreting with wtv
hopin with language interpreting
language interpreting with Gevme live
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Find out how Interprefy works within or alongside your selected virtual event or web conferencing platform.

Integrations Overview
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The mobile approach

Interprefy Mobile App

Participants enjoy your video content on their laptop while listening to real-time interpreting audio on their iPhone or Android smartphone via the Interprefy mobile app.

Technology that makes your event more human

By leveraging Interprefy’s RSI technology, you can provide more languages to delegates, increase audience engagement and ensure content can be accessed in a language your delegates are proficient in.

Reason 4

Hassle-free set-up

Interprefy is built with the user in mind. The applications are easy to use and install.

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Stunning quality

Enjoy crystal-clear 64 kbps audio streaming with low-to-no latency, encrypted to the highest security standards.

Reason 5

24/7 global support

Interprefy provides project support before, during and after your event, ensuring a seamless experience for organizers, interpreters and users alike.


Highest flexibility

Interprefy offers the flexibility and scalability you need to make your event a multilingual success.

Selected Interpretation Professionals For Your Events

At Interprefy, we work with highly qualified freelance conference interpreters across the globe. Because they need not be onsite, we can find the best multi-language, conference-level interpreters for any language combination or specific expertise, no matter where they might be located. If clients have their own in-house interpreters or a team they have worked with previously who are privy to company-specific jargon, Interprefy will train them.

How we find the best interpreters for your event
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Selected Customer Stories

1 min read

Connecting 40 World Leaders for The White House Summit on Climate

18 May 2021
Having recently reentered the Paris Agreement, US President Joe Biden convened 40 world leaders in a virtual Leaders...
2 min read

How the Virtual HiiL Innovating Justice Forum provided live interpretation in 2 languages with Hopin and Interprefy

16 April 2021
About HiiL Innovating Justice Forum The HiiL Innovating Justice Forum is a yearly event focused on making justice...
3 min read

How early RSI adopters Simul prepared for the perfect storm

18 November 2020
Embracing the potential in remote simultaneous interpretation technology at an early stage, Japan’s leading language...
2 min read

World Teachers' Day 2020 - connecting 500,000 people in 24-hour live stream

10 November 2020
World Teachers' Day 2020 on 5 October constituted an unprecedented moment for educators worldwide. Streaming live on...
3 min read

Bringing the global boxing family together for the 99th Convention of the World Boxing Association

24 September 2020
Overview A fully-virtual global event Just two months before the event, it appeared as if the 99th Convention of the...
2 min read

5,000 Experts Tackling Global Health Issues During Multilingual Vaccine Virtual Days

6 August 2020
Overview Moving a physical event online with a short notice Due to COVID-19, healthcare professionals have missed...
1 min read

The Postal Union hosts international conference in English & French

3 June 2019
Overview The Postal Union for the Mediterranean (PUMed) was established in 2011 by 14 Postal Operators across the...
1 min read

Roche reduce costs and win back floorspace in two-day, five-language event

4 April 2019
Overview Roche AG is a Swiss multinational healthcare company that operates worldwide. Interprefy provided...
1 min read

Google sets record with 13 languages & 102 interpreters at major summit

30 November 2018
Overview This was a large summit with a jam-packed agenda consisting of conference-style presentations, product...
2 min read

Dansk Industri employs remote interpreting for over 250 delegates

29 November 2018
Overview The Confederation of Danish Industri (DI) is one of Denmark's business organizations (chambers of commerce)...
1 min read

ISUOG holds World Congress on Ultrasound with sessions in English & Mandarin

31 October 2018
Overview ISUOG is the leading international society of professionals in ultrasound for obstetrics and gynaecology....
1 min read

Union Cycliste Internationale hosts seminar in English & French

28 August 2018
Overview Founded in 1900, in Paris (France), the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the worldwide governing body...
1 min read

Domino's Worldwide Rally Expo make 8 languages available to 9,000 attendees

1 June 2018
Overview The event connects 9,000 Domino’s key franchise decision-makers and team members from around the world.
1 min read

Facebook hosts summit in English and German

30 May 2018
The Challenge Limited Venue Space The world's most prominent social media platform, Facebook, has an upcoming summit...
2 min read

MCI Australia delivers eight languages at the World Congress of Accountants

3 May 2018
Overview The congress, which was spread over four days, saw more than 3,000 attendees. Speakers presented in...
2 min read

Lush runs interpreting in 8 languages for large annual summit

28 February 2018
Overview Lush Cosmetics is a retailer headquartered in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. Lush's annual summit is a...

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