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Add real-time interpreting to any online & hybrid meeting and event. Select your platform language


Make your Zoom, Webex, & more events truly multilingual. With Interprefy Select, we deliver real-time interpreting from professional conference interpreters to your meetings and events - in any language, in any event and with any platform.

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language interpreting with zoom and interprefy
language interpreting with ON24
language interpreting with webex and interprefy
language interpreting with Intrado
language interpreting with microsoft teams and interprefy
language interpreting with Gotowebinar
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Break down language barriers in any meeting or event.

With Interprefy Select, you can provide your event and meeting participants with real-time interpreting in their selected language - on any platform. Making sure everyone can understand and be understood - anywhere.

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Interprefy Select Desktop App

Provide access to interpreting anywhere

With the new and game changing desktop app, we offer the flexibility of adding real-time interpreting to your meetings and events held on any platform you select.

  • Works alongside any virtual event, streaming, or web conferencing platform
  • Users access the event and interpreting on the same device
  • Simple installation for Windows and iOS users
  • App automatically switches computer audio, when the interpreter is speaking in the selected language
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Interprefy Select Widget

An integrated multilingual event experience

We're partnering with leading providers of virtual event and web conferencing solutions to provide a audio language selector directly embedded within your selected platform.

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Interprefy Mobile App

Real-time interpretation in your pocket

Whether fully virtual, in-person or hybrid - participants can follow your content anywhere while listening to crystal-clear real-time interpreting on their smartphone.

Make sure everyone can understand and be understood

By leveraging Interprefy’s RSI technology, you can break down language barriers to provide more languages to delegates, increase audience engagement and ensure content can be accessed in a language your delegates are proficient in.

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For meetings & events on anywhere

Interprefy offers the unmatched flexibility and scalability you need to break down language barriers in any meeting or event setting.


Dedicated project & tech support

Interprefy provides project support before, during and after your event, ensuring a seamless experience for organizers, interpreters and users alike.

Reason 6

Stunning quality

Enjoy crystal-clear 64 kbps audio streaming with low-to-no latency, encrypted to the highest security standards.

Reason 5

Subject-savvy conference interpreters

Interprefy can source vetted and professional conference interpreters for your required language combinations and subject area.

Compatible with your selected event platform

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Wondering how to add real-time interpreting to your events?

Schedule a 15-min introduction call to learn how Interprefy can support your meeting or event in providing a truly multilingual experience.

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