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Multilingual Live
Captions for Conferences Meetings

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Ensure an inclusive and engaging multilingual conferencing experience with Interprefy Captions in 30+ languages - translated by vetted and subject-savvy conference interpreters, transcribed through Artificial Intelligence.

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Interprefy Captions

Interprefy supports event planners in increasing accessibility and inclusivity through live captions for multilingual conferences and meetings, complementing Interprefy's sign language interpretation offering to support the hearing impaired.

As a visual aid to follow the speech, real-time language interpretation from professional conference interpreters is being transcribed into subtitles through AI-powered Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology.

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A glossary function provides event planners with a powerful tool to improve captioning accuracy even further - by preloading the system with context-specific terms, acronyms and names.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Why Interprefy Captions?

Increased Accessibility

Create inclusive event experiences for individuals with impaired hearing.

31 Languages Supported

Covering all the main international languages plus many more.

Customizable Interface

User control over text size and color for any viewing condition.

Powerful Glossary Tool

To preload system with context-specific acronyms, terms and names.

Connecting the world in their own language

Break down communication barriers in your conferences and meetings by empowering your global attendees to connect in their own language - through (sign) language interpretation, live captions and Interprefy's unparalleled experience from over 30,000 multilingual events.

Interprefy Captions is available today to selected clients.

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