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Interprefy for Adobe Connect meetings webinars learning

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Add the Interprefy Custom Pod to your meetings or webinars in Adobe Connect to make your sessions truly multilingual.

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Adobe Connect Sessions with Simultaneous Interpretation

Extend your Adobe Connect room's functionality with the Interprefy Custom Meeting Pod to add real-time interpreting to your meetings. Just upload the ZIP file into an empty Share Pod, enter the event token and ask your participants to select their preferred audio language.

Allow everyone to speak and listen in their preferred language while a conference interpreter translates the speech in real-time.

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Meet in a language you're comfortable in.

By adding Interprefy to Adobe Connect, you can meet in multiple languages. The Interprefy Custom Pod for Adobe Connect brings professional simultaneous language interpreters into your meetings. Clearing the way to a barrier-free conversation, where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas freely.

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Professional services

Simply book your services with Interprefy and we'll take care of the rest.


Two-way interpretation

Allow your participants to both speak and listen in a language they're proficient in.

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Stunning audio quality

Enjoy crystal-clear 64 kbps audio streaming with near-zero latency, encrypted to the highest security standards.

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Unmatched language talent

We'll source the right match of professional language interpreters for your language combinations and subject area.

You have an online event or meeting scheduled and need interpreting?

Sit back as our professional services team makes sure your event will be streamed in your audience's preferred languages in crystal-clear audio at extremely low latency. Ready?

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