The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is the global organisation of national parliaments. Its origins date back to 1889 when it set up as the first multilateral political organization in the world, encouraging cooperation and dialogue between all nations. IPU helps build strong parliaments and defends human rights, peacebuilding, sustainability and gender equality.  

178 Members and 14 Associate Members got to meet in person again in Indonesia for the 144th Assembly of the IPU. Delegates discussed and initiated parliamentary action to address the climate emergency that affects our planet. 


"The IPU started its collaboration with Interprefy in February 2020, on the eve of the pandemic. Since then, we have organized numerous hybrid and in-person events with RSI through Interprefy’s safe and secure platform" says Sally-Anne Sader, Conference Services Officer at Inter-Parliamentary Union.

The 144th Assembly of the IPU took place in Bali with delegates and interpreters attending both in-person and remotely. Interprefy was there to provide the technology and support that enabled interpreters to work and ensure all delegates, regardless of their location, could join and participate in the language of their choice. 

The Challenge

Reducing the CO2 footprint, logistics and workload

Given the diplomatic nature of the meetings IPU organises, they are typically done in person. However, the IPU is fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint and finding mitigating measures to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. 

Also, the IPU Assemblies take place at different locations and countries each time, which requires a great deal of technical coordination with the local stakeholders. 

The Approach

A remote simultaneous interpretation provider who is also a project manager

For this event, interpreters worked from the venue and remotely. By choosing to use remote simultaneous interpretation technology,  the IPU reduces the need to travel and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. It also brings more flexibility to the technical setup and the distribution of the language for each official session, since RSI allows a language to be added or modified in just a few clicks 

By turning to Interprefy for support for such complex and sensitive events, the IPU has found a partner who can connect all the dots between the different stakeholders and suppliers.

One of Interprefy’s strengths is its staff, which always goes over and beyond to provide maximum flexibility, responsive service and excellent solutions.- Sally-Anne Sader, Conference Services Officer at Inter-Parliamentary Union

Interprefy not only offers the technology that allows interpreters to work from anywhere in the world, but also covers different types of training for local AV teams, interpreters, and delegates members of national parliaments.  


The Outcome

The oldest international organisation promoting cooperation between parliaments has embraced Interprefy technology and support services to change the traditional way of delivering simultaneous interpretation.

Working with Interprefy ensures that the planning and execution of IPU’s RSI-dependent events invariably goes smoothly.- Sally-Anne Sader, Conference Services Officer at Inter-Parliamentary Union

With the use of Interprefy's RSI solution and services for this event in Bali, the IPU managed to:

  • reduce carbon emissions: fewer interpreters travelling, less hardware transported. 
  • reduce expenses: less accommodation, transport and hardware costs associated with each event.
  • reduce AV logistics: less hardware had to be transported from Jakarta, stored and set up. For this event, Interprefy technology removed the need for up to 30 interpreting booths.
  • access more services with one provider: with Interprefy the IPU also benefits from event recordings and full project management support. 
  • increase flexibility: adding and removing languages can be done easily in a few clicks. The interpretation is also available via infrared receivers and the Interprefy mobile app.
  • gain project management support: The IPU Secretariat is also finding with Interprefy great support for the technical coordination with the local stakeholders. The support includes arranging preparatory meetings, planning, testing and implementation of the solutions, among others.  


With time and experience, Interprefy has become an extension of the IPU’s organization, in charge of the delivery of the entire simultaneous interpretation ecosystem.  

For all these reasons, the IPU chose Interprefy, again to support them with technology and services in their 145th Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda.

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