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    Connecting decision makers

    AV Partner
    Remote & hybrid meetings and votes

    Replicate the in-person experience with specialized tools to conduct meetings and votes.

    Language precision

    Interprefy sources interpreters with knowledge of your subject area and offers platform training for your in-house interpreters.

    Secure and reliable

    Interprefy is ISO 27001-certified and provides enterprise-grade security features to govern access to your meetings.

    Connect Pro Key Features

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    2FA & active directory integration

    Enable 2-factor authentication (email or sms) and sync with your active directory to secure participant verification.

    Participants "raise hand"

    Keep order of who's requested to take the floor and indicate who's next in line.

    Multilingual Live Captions

    Multilingual live captions in 30+ languages and intuitive layout controls.

    Voting & Polling

    Set-up, plan and moderate votes easily and analyze the results instantly.

    Live interpretation

    Secure inclusivity by allowing delegates to listen and speak in their preferred language.

    Event and private chat

    Delegates can address the plenary and send direct messages to other delegates or the host.

    Multiple hosts

    Maintain a complete overview of the meeting and control over who is speaking and share the host role with multiple people.

    Screen & document sharing

    Delegates can easily present their screens and share documents during their presentation.

    24/7 technical support

    A dedicated project team ensures a seamless meeting experience, providing extensive project and technical support.

    Media recording

    Meeting video and audio recording for all interpretation languages available upon request.

    Hybrid mode

    Connect on-site AV equipment and connect multiple rooms.

    Virtual timer

    Set the timer for your meeting and define speech time allocated to each delegate.

    Designed to facilitate multi-lingual conversations anywhere

    Seamlessly integrating with your existing hardware setup, Connect Pro provides dedicated software tools for AV technicians, interpreters and delegates alike.

    RSI Platform overview
    Interprefy Hybrid Conference in Geneva


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