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Finding the best professional interpreters for your event

At Interprefy, we work with highly qualified freelance conference interpreters across the globe. Because they need not be onsite, we can source the best multi-language, conference-level interpreters for any language combination or specific expertise, no matter where they might be located.

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It’s not easy finding the right professional interpreters
for your event...

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Sourcing quality interpreters

Finding professional interpreters for your event can be a struggle, especially if your event is organised at short notice. We'll find the most skilled interpreters for your event. 

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Subject-matter expertise

Leave it to us to find language talents that have the specific expertise you require to provide high quality interpretation to all of your participants. 

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Anytime, anywhere

Because Interpreters don't need to work from a specific location, you don't need to worry about the logistics of flying in interpreters from around the world.

About the simultaneous interpreters we source
and work with

Through our close partnerships with language service providers (LSPs) we have an extensive network of highly professional, experienced multilingual interpreters. We can provide any language or combination of languages, including sign languages, anywhere and at any time, thanks to our remote simultaneous interpretation platform.

The interpreters we source and work with undergo an in-depth recruitment process as part of our quality assurance.

If clients have their own in-house interpreters or a team they have worked with previously who are privy to company-specific jargon, Interprefy will train them.

Trained and tested

The interpreters we source through our LSPs are assessed to the highest standards. These interpreters are subject to face-to-face online interviews, skill tests, IT tests and competence and specialisation tests. 

Having passed the tests, these interpreters are then trained on how to use the Interprefy RSI platform, ensuring they’re able to use it flawlessly.

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Highly accredited

All the interpreters we source and work with are professionally trained (and vetted by our LSP partners) and have a conference interpretation degree from an established university or institute.

At any stage, we’re able to provide professional, multi-lingual interpreters for any event, anywhere. Just let us know your requirements.

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Subject matter experts

Many professional interpreters know their subject(s) inside out and have an established background in their particular area. We can source specialist interpreters with experience in life sciences, finance, legal and intergovernmental fields.

This level of subject matter expertise and experience makes our interpreters suitable for high-profile and/or technical events. 


Quality assurance

To give you complete peace of mind, our interpreters sign non-disclosure agreements prior to working with clients – so if you have any sensitive content that’s being shared with our interpreters, that information is safe. 

Furthermore, our interpreters are monitored and evaluated periodically to ensure they’re at peak performance.

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Supporting you all the way

With our professional, multi-lingual conference-level interpreters you’re able to offer various languages to your audience and benefit from excellent subject matter expertise.

No matter where your event is, we can provide the interpretation services, platform and support you’re looking for.

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Transform your events without breaking the bank

Improved engagement

Our professional, multi-lingual interpreters can analyse and clearly interpret complex topics for audiences, improving audience engagement and understanding.

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Event diversity

By utilising our interpretation services, you can provide any language you want to provide at your event, making your event more accessible and appealing to different audiences.

Reduced interpretation costs

As our interpretation services are delivered via our partner network and as part of our solution, we cost a fraction of the price of traditional approaches.

Interprefy is loved by teams at organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Interprefy is loved by corporates, educational institutions, NGOs and international organizations. Because we partner with leading language service providers, we can provide interpreters with expertise of your industry.

Read our customer stories

We needed to deliver breakout and plenary sessions in English, French and German for our audience, but we just didn’t have to space to set up multiple interpreter booths. Interprefy enabled us to save much-needed event space by delivering interpretation remotely, and also helped us to cut our administrative costs.

Astrid Kueffer

Marketing Lead Public

We were very impressed with the professionalism of the Interprefy team, the speed of delivery and the quality of the interpreters.

Yap Xin Hong

Event Specialist

The feedback we received from our LFC participants regarding the interpretation was really good. Interprefy’s on-site support was amazing and reactive – they even organised headphones for those that forgot theirs. The service was new for us – but we were really happy with it.

International Council of Nurses
Tania Pavlovic

Programme Management Officer

The time difference between the speech and the translation itself is minimal – and the quality is amazing.

Sophie Ruiz

Events Manager, Secretary General’s Office