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    The Interprefy Interpreter Training journey experience

    Interprefy ensures each client‘s experience by assigning highly qualified conference interpreters from across the globe. These interpreters know the ins and outs of the Interprefy RSI platform and have undergone extensive recruitment, training and continuous evaluations.

    Interprefy does not recruit or train interpreters directly, but partners with language service providers to find and train the best qualified interpreters for each assignment.

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    Partnering with the best in the business

    We work in close partnership with leading language service providers to find the best interpreters with knowledge of the subject area for each event.

    Our interpreter training journey is a three-step process, in which assigned interpreters learn the ins and outs of our platform and how to work in a RSI setting.

    After recruitment and training, our team monitors interpreters performance in session and re-evaluates their performance after each client session in order to guarantee unparalleled professional service.

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    Embarking on the interpreter journey

    If you're an interpreter looking to get started working with Interprefy, please reach out to our partner Interprenet to register your services. 

    Please note that Interprefy does not recruit interpreters directly and response times from our partners may take longer than expected, due to high demand.


    The Training Journey

    Recruitment by language
    2-hour online one-on-one training session
    Performance evaluation & approval

    Three Steps To Approval

    Step 1: Evaluation by our language service partners

    Our language service partners review all incoming interpreter inquiries and conduct in-depth interviews, ensuring that all requirements are met to provide world-class service. Interpreters are expected to have a degree in conference interpretation, substantial work experience in that field, and meet our rigorous expectations for their computer, audio, microphone, and internet specifications.

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    Step 2: 2-hour online one-on-one training session

    The Interprefy in-house training department schedules a three-part online training for new interpreters. Upon successful completion, interpreters are RSI approved, allowing them to work on the platform for the following three months:

    1. Technical setup: We verify that interpreter‘s hardware and software meet all standard requirements and are set-up for a smooth performance. Interpreters receive a checklist beforehand, but all settings are double-checked in this stage. 
    1. Getting up to speed with Interprefy: Interpreters receive an explanation of all components, features and functions of the Interprefy platform. Interpreters learn how to set up relay languages, perform hand-overs, and follow emergency protocol.
    1. Practice training: In this simulation, the trainer acts as the interpreting partner to the interpreter trainee and practices the procedures learned in part two.
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    Step 3: Performance evaluation & approval

    During the first 6-months of working with Interprefy, the interpreter‘s performance is assessed during client sessions by our rigorous rating system. Interpreters with a high rating receive a 1-hour refresher after 3 months of inactivity. This training updates the interpreter on new developments to the Interprefy Platorm and addresses reports from their in-session experience.

    After the refresher interpreters are approved to work on the Interprefy platform for the following three months. Performance continues to be monitored and approval re-evaluated during these next three months. Interpreters that receive a lower rating will be asked to go back to step 3 and conduct another 2-hour training.

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