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Supporting you with more than real-time interpretation software technology support

We provide several support services such as project management, training as well as on-site and remote support, equipment set-up and configuration, monitoring of audio and video via expert technicians during the event and much more. We ensure that the technology works.

What makes it so difficult to run a multi-language online event?

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Finding the right interpreters

We work with partnering language service providers and highly qualified freelance conference interpreters across the globe. We can source the best multi-language, conference-level interpreters for any language combination or specific expertise

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Deadlines and pressure

Event planning and management can be incredibly taxing and chaotic. From finding a venue and choosing the web conferencing software to enlisting speakers and communicating with attendees, there’s no shortage of work. However, all of this can be optimised through the use of the right professional services team and event support network.

Setting up the right tech stack

Event organizers and managers spend a considerable amount of time and money trying to find the right combination of technology and equipment for their event.

All hands on deck for your event success

Every interprefied event is supported by a dedicated project manager. We provide end-to-end support for on-site and remote events through our interpretation support and professional services departments. 

Our support covers two main areas; project management and event support. This includes assistance before an event, remote monitoring during an event, on-site support (setting up equipment), hardware support, liaising with audio/visual providers and media services for later use.

Project Management

Prior to an event, we’ll communicate your technical requirements to the IT/AV specialist on-site. We’ll also ensure internet connectivity, and any on-site equipment (microphones, cameras, laptops, booths) are configured properly and meet your requirements.

Finally, our team will familiarise themselves with the details of your event, including languages offered and subject matter (for interpretation support), the number of listeners and speakers. We make sure everything is in order to deliver you the best possible service.

AV Specialist for on-site events - Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Event Support

To ensure consistent quality and reliability, our team of experienced moderators help set up Interprefy sessions and monitor interpretation, audio and video throughout. 

For quality assurance, remote moderators will monitor the laptops of remote and on-site interpreters. This service includes monitoring every language channel in real-time using the moderator interface present on our platform.  

Interprefy’s unique and stringent quality control, remote interpretation support, and technical expertise mean that your event will go smoothly from beginning to end.

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Hardware Support

No matter your technical requirements, we can deliver what you need through our AV partner network. We’ll communicate what interpretation equipment and other hardware you need to the AV partner, and then request a quote on your behalf. We’ll add this to our on-site support arrangement with you – enabling you to minimise the cost of infrastructure and support whilst benefiting from our partners’ expertise. 

This approach will enable you to rapidly scale on-site infrastructure where necessary, as well as improve the quality of service overall.

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Media Library

On demand, we will record your sessions and provide you with the video and audio files after the event. 


You focus on the event, leave the rest to us

Our end-to-end interpretation support and professional services will satisfy any and every eventuality. If you’re concerned about setting up and configuring equipment or just want an expert to oversee interpretation and the quality of the on-site and remote transmission of that content, talk to us. We’d love to help.
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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment - RSI Technology

Turn your events into something more

Peace of mind

Say goodbye to the complexities of configuring and monitoring equipment as our experienced moderators and interpretation support experts oversee critical aspects of content delivery.

Focus on your delegates

With our team managing the time-consuming elements of your event, you can turn your attention to your delegates and ensure that they have a pleasant and seamless experience.

Stress-free support of your event

Whether on-site or online, short notice or planned, we help you to deliver events that are free of stress and to your audience’s expectations.

Interprefy is loved by teams at organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Interprefy is loved by corporates, educational institutions, NGOs and international organizations. Because we partner with leading language service providers, we can provide interpreters with expertise of your industry.

Read our customer stories

The feedback we received from our LFC participants regarding the interpretation was really good. Interprefy’s on-site support was amazing and reactive – they even organised headphones for those that forgot theirs. The service was new for us – but we were really happy with it.

International Council of Nurses
Tania Pavlovic

Programme Management Officer

Flexibility and speed of deployment were key as we didn’t have any booths and requests were delivered at short notice. Interprefy helped us to keep on top of everything – allowing us to interpret content for our audiences at our conferences across Europe and Prague.

Ivica Juresa

Director, Global Programs & Events

We were very impressed with the professionalism of the Interprefy team, the speed of delivery and the quality of the interpreters.

Yap Xin Hong

Event Specialist

Our event needed to be delivered in multiple languages but we wanted to avoid the logistical costs of setting up interpreter booths. We also expected changes to be made to the agenda at short notice – so we needed a flexible solution. Interprefy enabled us to translate content remotely – with ease and excellent sound – and deliver it to our audience through their smartphones. It really is a simple and effective solution.

Jasmine Lim

Account Manager

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Guide to choosing an online events platform

Have recent trends and disruption caused you to consider taking your physical events, conferences or meetings online? Online event platforms and remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) are flexible, hassle-free and affordable solutions. Our latest eBook outlines what factors you should consider when evaluating RSI service providers.

You can download the eBook for free by clicking the button below.