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Find the right interpreters for your multilingual meetings

Hosting a meeting or event and need live translation services to ensure everyone can understand? Interprefy provides live simultaneous interpretation services and technology to help you break down languages anywhere - at the venue, or online.

Interpretation services for meetings and events

We make interpretation services available for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Simultaneous interpreting used to be an expensive and exclusive service that only large international and government organisations could afford. RSI technology has democratised conference interpretation by making it a service available for everybody: NGOs, associations, and even SMEs.

Interpreters can work from anywhere in the world and deliver real-time interpreting to any meeting or event, with near-zero latency.

How Remote interpreting works


Interpretation services explained

We help organisations of all shapes and sizes find the best interpreting talent for their needs, and provide dedicated project and tech support to ensure a smooth, multilingual experience for everyone.

What is an interpretation services?

Interprefy partners with world-leading language service providers to help you find the right conference-level interpreters for your sector.>

How to find a conference interpreter

Finding the right conference interpreter can be tricky. But Interprefy partners with world-leading language service providers to help you find the right conference-level interpreters for your sector.

Types of interpretation services

There are four common main types of interpretation in terms of interpretation technique:

  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous or real-time interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation or Chuchotage
  • Sign Language Interpretation

Interprefy can help you bring simultaneous or signed language interpretation to any meeting or event.

The difference between interpretation and translation
  • Translation focuses on written content. It requires a high level of accuracy and can take time to produce if done manually. However, machine-translation technology has made it possible to provide instant translation results, often post-edited by linguists.
  • Interpretation deals with the spoken word and is delivered immediately by a professional interpreter. Interpretation often prioritizes understanding and communication over perfection and completeness. Paraphrasing or summarizing can be techniques used to provide better understanding.
How much do interpretation services cost?

The cost of interpretation services can vary, depending on the duration and location of your meeting, as well as the availability of the required language combinations.

Interprefy provides standard interpreting rates for half-day, full-day, and shorter assignments.

Further costs can include:

  • Technology fees
  • Project management
  • Technical support
  • Media services
What is remote simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation is the process of translating speech from one language to another in real-time.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) eliminates the need for on-site interpreters and equipment—reducing costs, carbon emissions, and the burden on event organizers.

Benefits of remote interpreting services

Access to global talent pool

Hire the best-fit interpreters for your language combinations and subject area - no matter where they are located.

Remove layers of admin and cost

Because interpreters can work remotely, RSI can remove layers of costs associated with traditional interpreting.

Reduce event carbon footprint

Save on carbon emissions stemming from travel, equipment rental and accommodation.

Where can you use simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation can be used anywhere people meet and require translation to unlock understanding and effective communication.

Governmental sessions

Host your sessions on our secure and flexible multilingual meeting platform, or combine our interpreting software with your chosen platform, or even existing hardware equipment on-site.


Bring live interpretation to your virtual, hybrid, or on-site conferences with unlimited languages for global reach.

Business meetings

Connect with your business associates in your own language - on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or anywhere else.

Community events

Bring your global communities together - face-to-face, virtually, or hybrid. We make sure everyone can understand and be understood.

"We needed to deliver breakout and plenary sessions in English, French and German for our audience, but we just didn’t have to space to set up multiple interpreter booths. Interprefy enabled us to save much-needed event space by delivering interpretation remotely, and also helped us to cut our administrative costs."

Astrid Kueffer
Marketing Lead Public, SAP

"Our event needed to be delivered in multiple languages but we wanted to avoid the logistical costs of setting up interpreter booths. We also expected changes to be made to the agenda at short notice – so we needed a flexible solution. Interprefy enabled us to translate content remotely – with ease and excellent sound – and deliver it to our audience through their smartphones. It really is a simple and effective solution."

Jasmine Lim
Account Manager, MCI Asia Pacific

"The service was easy to use and interpreters were able to understand and translate technical terms without issue."

Lani Kirby
Education & Events Manager, AIQS

"Interprefy helped deliver huge cost savings at mega-brand’s largest event – with over 9,000 attendees over three days. It provided us with a flexible, scalable and innovative remote simultaneous interpretation solution for 9 languages."

Roland Raffel
Project Manager, Domino's Pizza
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Bring simultaneous interpretation to any event setup

As a cloud-based gateway solution, our remote simultaneous interpretation technology can facilitate online meetings in any number of languages and for any number of attendees.

For further capabilities, Interprefy can be integrated with any online video conferencing software, providing a complete experience.

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