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Tailored pricing solutions to meet your needs conferences

Small or large, on-site or remote, we can develop various pricing solutions to meet your specific requirements. 

Our pricing consists of the cost of the Interprefy platform, the simultaneous interpreter hourly rate and the price of the other professional services we offer.


Flexible pricing for any event

When it comes to the pricing of our services, we evaluate several variables, including (but not limited to): location, date, duration of the event, number of attendees, source language, languages required, equipment needs, support services and much, much more. 

For all of the above, we can provide flexible solutions to meet your needs, so no matter what you’re trying to do – we can help. 

Interprefy Platform

To provide you with the most accurate quote for the cost of our platform, we evaluate several variables, including: the number of languages, the length of the event, how many parties are involved, sessions and if you (or your chosen interpreters) are familiar with remote simultaneous interpretation technology.


Professional Services

We provide several support services for our clients, including on-site and remote support, equipment set-up and configuration, monitoring of audio and video via expert technicians and much more. The cost of these services varies depending on (once again) the number of people involved, the languages, sessions, location and whether we provide the equipment.

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Interpreter Assignment Rates

Our interpretation services – delivered via our LSPs – are priced based on the duration of the event, i.e. if the event is a half or full-day event and services are required throughout. In the event of an event overrunning, we will charge overtime. As for on-site support, we take into account using a local AV partner, the complexity of the event and where it’s taking place.

Interpreter headset

Additional Services

If you’re looking for equipment, training on how to use the Interprefy platform or even someone to record your events, we can help. We can even provide you with a dedicated, on-call project manager to help oversee events and meetings. Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

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Receive a quote for your upcoming event

Tell us more about your upcoming event and our sales team will provide you with a platfrom demo and a detailed quote to make your upcoming event truly multilingual.

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