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    What is remote simultaneous interpretation (or RSI)?

    Simultaneous interpretation is defined by ISO, the International Standards Organisation, as the process of rendering a spoken or signed message into another spoken or signed language, preserving the register and meaning of the source language. Add “remote” to the equation and it is possible for interpreters, speakers and participants to interact from anywhere on the planet.

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    Remote Interpreter - RSI

    Why use a remote simultaneous interpretation service?

    Firstly, we need to know what simultaneous interpretation is? Traditional interpretation is broken: it requires a lot of time and money to configure and manage, and interpreters are required on-site. 

    As a result, you spend a considerable amount of your budget on equipment, travel and accommodation for interpreters, that are limited in terms of availability and language/specialisation options. 

    However, remote simultaneous interpretation removes the need for equipment and interpreters being on site. This allows you to run events at short notice and with minimal infrastructure and, if necessary, entirely online.

    And because events can be run remotely, you can increase the number of languages you offer as you no longer need to worry about flying rare-language interpreters over. Read this page to learn how to find the best online event platforms and RSI service providers.

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    Simultaneous Interpretation Mobile App
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    How can our simultaneous interpretation services help?

    Whether your event is in a remote location or you require specialist interpreters with an in-depth knowledge of your industry, we’ve got it covered. 

    The Interprefy platform is designed to be scalable and flexible, ensuring it can meet the specific needs of your event. Attendees and delegates can listen to content in the language of their choice while your interpreters work remotely. Who are the different participant roles in an event? 

    In addition to our remote simultaneous interpretation platform, we can also help source conference-level interpreters, assist with technical set-up onsite and provide venue management support, as well as record your meeting or event.

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    Where can remote simultaneous interpretation services be used?

    Online meetings and webinars
    Online events and webinars

    Most RSI platforms today offer both standalone and remote audio and video interpreting – but Interprefy goes one step further by allowing integration with the most popular conferencing tools, including, ON24, MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting...

    On-site conferences

    As remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) enables events to be hosted online, there’s no need for interpreters to be on-site and attendees can essentially participate digitally. This helps save time and money, while improving accessibility and audience participation.

    Panel Discussion
    Panel discussions

    Interprefy enables you to support thousands of concurrent users and set up language channels, so attendees can listen to content in their language of choice. This is particularly useful for panels or discussions where multiple languages are in use. 


    By using our remote simultaneous interpretation service for seminars, your interpreters can work remotely and better focus on the translation of complex and/or technical content. This ensures the information delivered is much more accurate.

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    Small meetings

    In removing language barriers, our remote simultaneous interpretation service can greatly increase productivity and trust inside global companies, with regional team members able to express themselves confidently in their mother tongue.

    How RSI technology helps connect you to your audiences

    Language, when you think about it, is the most important way we have of learning about each other, our universe and our place in it. It opens our minds to a world of ideas, all of which we share, shape and develop.

    This is why multilingualism is so important for events and meetings in our increasingly interconnected world – it enables us to understand each other and better collaborate. Want to know what the sound delay between the speaker and the interpretation is with Inteprefy's RSI?

    RSI is what’s helping to connect diverse audiences and help distribute content to wider audiences. Find out what type of events can use RSI. 

    In the video below, you can find out how remote simultaneous interpretation services can improve your events and help you to meet the expectations of your audience. In addition you can view a demo of the Interprefy RSI platform to find out how Interprefy can cater to your needs.

    Your event, their language

    As events become increasingly international and multilingual, the ability to deliver content in different languages and in real time is becoming a key differentiator for event organisers. If you want to make your events more inclusive and attract wider audiences, even in China, it’s time to consider Interprefy. Personalise your event URL to provide understanding about your meeting
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