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Who we are

We don’t let borders get in the way; our team works in various countries across five continents and speaks 27 different mother tongues. 

At Interprefy, we are a diverse group with a shared mission: to connect people of all languages and cultures through remote simultaneous interpreting.

Meet the Interprefy management team

Each and every one of us is committed to breaking down barriers and allowing everyone across the globe to communicate and collaborate. Our team is composed of business experts, linguists, technology professionals, operations specialists, and more. Meet our management team below!

Annett Polaszewski Plath_Interprefy
Annett Polaszewski-Plath
Oddmund Braaten_Interprefy
Oddmund Braaten
Simon Bracher_Interprefy
Simon Bracher
Andrey Schukin-min
Andrey Schukin
Kim Ludvigsen_Interprefy
Kim Ludvigsen
Founder & Vice Chairman of the Board
David Medrano
David Medrano
Member of the Board
Richard Roocroft
Richard Roocroft
Director, Global Sales
James Anderson
James Anderson
Director Manager, Global Partnerships
Johann Bregand_Interprefy
Johann Bregand
Senior Business Manager
Joao Garcia_Interprefy
Joao Garcia
Head of Development
Aleks Sandor Milovanovic_Interprefy
Sandor Milovanovic
Global Head of Professional Services
Markus Aregger_Interprefy
Markus Aregger
Head of Marketing
Sonja Mihajlov
Head of Training
Predrag Milutinovic
Head of Operations

Are you ready to ditch the booth?

Through Interprefy's platform, interpreters can work from anywhere, removing the need for event organisers to hire and deploy specialised hardware and to organise interpreters' travel and accommodation.

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