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Webinar available on-demand

How Can the Metaverse Support Inclusivity Through Language?

The live webinar took place on March 15th and is available to watch on-demand.

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What to expect

The Metaverse offers a radically new experience for the event industry. From the creation of your own avatar to customized and immersive brand worlds, the metaverse is changing the way we connect and interact. But how can we engage without cultural and language barriers standing in the way?

In this interactive webinar, held inside the metaverse, we discussed the metaverse and its global opportunities.

The panel discussion was hosted by Jonathan Hudson, Platform Partnership Manager at Interprefy, in conversation with Mootup CEO Danny Stefanic, and Tucker Johnson, Co-Founder of Nimdzi Insights.

Learn from industry experts

Watch this lively discussion and Q&A about how the Metaverse can support language and  inclusivity.

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Guest Speaker:

Tucker Johnson

Co-Founder of Nimdzi Insights


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Hosted by:

Jonathan Hudson

Platform Partner Manager at Interprefy


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Guest Speaker:

Danny Stefanic

CEO of Mootup


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