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Go digital-first & discover how to host incredible remote & hybrid events in 2022

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The events industry has undergone a transformational shift, with businesses and organisers having to take their planned (and unplanned) events online. But in trying to replicate the ‘offline’ experience ‘online’, businesses and organisers are missing out on the opportunity to do things differently, and better.

Are you ready to combine the best of ‘offline’ with the potential of ‘online’?

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For many events organisers, harnessing the potential of the virtual environment means diving headfirst into the unknown. Not only do they need to get to grips with new tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and ON24, organisers have to recreate the inclusivity, engagement and success of live events in the digital realm.

But how does this work in practice? Different event formats require different treatments — what works for one seminar won’t necessarily work for a panel discussion. And what about strategic online marketing to ensure the event gets the promotion (and registrations) it deserves?

While the content will most likely dictate the online format, the key to events success remains being able to host unique, memorable experiences with sustained engagement and valuable takeaways.

In the digital world, the difference is in the delivery.


Material needs to be condensed until only the most salient points remain. Presentations must be hosted by experienced professionals who can command an audience using online video instead of in-person charisma. And inclusivity needs to be promoted so that all attendees are catered to. We’re all navigating this new world together, which is why we’ve put together this helpful eBook.


Download our ‘Remote and hybrid event planning’ eBook to find out more about…


Creating unique, memorable remote & hybrid events

Harness new tools and formats to host engaging, valuable events for global audiences.



Pre- and post-event strategy

Promote your event to drive registrations and touch base with attendees afterwards to build brand relationships.


Addressing diverse & multilingual audiences

Develop online content and host inclusive events for audiences from different backgrounds.


Reshape the way you deliver events

With the right technology and approach, your events will reach and exceed the success of those in the ‘offline’ world.

Here's a sneak peak of what you could receive...

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