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Event Management Landscape in 2020

Event Management Trends 2020 - Free eBook

Want to find out what trends are shaping the event management industry in 2020?

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Event Management Trends in 2020

In 2019, we surveyed over 100 professionals with experience managing events to find out what the current attendee expectations and event management trends are.

What we found was rather interesting; from audience engagement and sustainability to improving diversity and leveraging technology, massive changes are reshaping events and how they are delivered.

But what do these trends mean for you and how can you leverage them to achieve event management success in 2020?.

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Your audience increasingly wants to be involved in discussions – they want to engage with others in attendance, ask questions of the speaker and leave their feedback.


Diversity and inclusion

Technology has shrunk the world, reducing barriers to entry and making events more diverse and international than ever. But how can you cater to these new audiences?



Just delivering an event is no longer enough. It needs to be a memorable experience that’s tailored to each individual attendee. Data may well be the key.



The greatest challenge of our age. Events are under tremendous pressure to be eco-friendly. We delve into what that means for event organisers.

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