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Easily turn professional in-person meetings and gatherings into multilingual experiences with just your mobile phone. Access AI speech translation and live captions in multiple languages with a single click with Interprefy Now.


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Effortlessly create a multilingual experience at any professional meeting or gathering

Boost efficiency with Interprefy Now, using AI speech translation and multilingual captions on your phone, powered by Interprefy AI, for effortless multilingual communication.

No longer the need to default to English, book a consecutive interpreter, or install simultaneous interpretation equipment. 

Key benefits

  • Ease of use: Forget extra equipment. Simply speak into your mobile device in your preferred language and enjoy instant AI speech translation through your mobile or headphones, along with on-screen captions.
  • Convenience: Once subscribed, pick your languages and use it wherever and whenever needed.
  • Accuracy: Powered by Interprefy AI, Interprefy Now offers reliable AI translation supporting over 80 languages, customised to meet specific requirements and terminology.
  • Affordability: Cost-effective alternative to traditional interpretation services, offering flexible pricing options.
  • Security: Utilises military-grade AES-256 bit audio encryption for maximum protection.

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Interprefy is loved by teams at organisations of all shapes and sizes

Interprefy customer logos
Interprefy customer logos
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"Interprefy AI speech translation was contextually accurate and it got domain specific words and even names right, we were quite impressed". 

Erika Olsson, Project coordinator at Childhood

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"Our client was extremely impressed with the quality of the AI translation provided. The Japanese delegation were able to follow easily in their own language without the costs of interpreters for 3 days."  

Fahad Ehsan, Senior Project Manager at Pure Arabia